Saturday, January 24, 2015

Marzano's Three Teacher-level Factors

Marzano identifies three factors for student achievement that start at the teacher level. These factors are instructional strategies, classroom management, and classroom curriculum design.

Instructional Strategies
The Alberta Dictionary defines instructional strategies as techniques teachers use to help students become independent, strategic learners. These strategies become learning strategies when students independently select the appropriate ones and use them effectively to accomplish tasks or meet goals. Having a variety of instructional strategies is important in the classroom. There is a time when it is appropriate to introduce lesson concepts via whole group instruction and a time when instructional can me more individualized through a direct instruction approach. There are also great opportunities to incorporate cooperative learning into your instruction. If technology is available to a particular teacher within the classroom, then it is important to utilize them in instruction.

Classroom Management
In any classroom, appropriate classroom management strategies are essential. Within a classroom involving multiple forms of technology, it become even more important. When setting up your classroom to meet specific classroom management needs, it is important to consider three learning domains classified by Bloom: cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. A teacher should think about how desks will be arranged and whether or not they will changed based on instruction. How will the students move throughout the classroom based on the lesson? You should also consider where you place your own desk in order to monitor the students throughout the activity. I do not spend much time at my desk at all throughout the day so this is not a strategy I must consider. Whichever way the classroom is laid out, it is always important to have clear expectations a rules when using the technology. Like classroom rules, it it would be wise to post it somewhere in the classroom near the technology center.

Classroom Curriculum Design
Most curriculum design is set in place by the district and guided by state standards but the instructional and classroom management strategies are left up to the teacher. In any case, there is a process in which teachers should follow when designing appropriate instruction to meet curriculum needs. 
1. Establish Long-term Goals and Outcomes
2. Establish Short-term Goals
3. Make Instructional Decisions
4. Select Resources
5. Manage Instructional Strategies, Resources, and Curriculum.

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