Monday, September 12, 2016

NearPod in the Classroom

I was introduced to NearPod during a Google Hangout in EDUC 552 through Peru State. I have heard about NearPod but never got the opportunity to try it. Through the Hangout we were given the opportunity to try it and I was quickly hooked. NearPod allows you to guide a presentation to instruct your students. The program allows you to create slides, pose questions, and allow students to illustrate.

I created a NearPod slideshow for that very next day in the area of math. I typed questions related to the next lesson and assigned them to the draw slide type. I told the students that they must show work and displayed the best examples to every students iPad when I presented NearPod presentation. Students were immediately engaged and were motivated to show their work so that other students would see it. I also had slides that asked them to illustrate pictures for the problems. NearPod is an outstanding app that is worth trying, especially for math.

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