Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 3

Blog: #13 Free Technology for Teachers
Article: 5 Dice- An App to Help Students Learn the Order of Operations

Who doesn't like to hear "free"? When I ran through the list of the top 100 educational blogs, a blog involving both free and technology really caught my eye. When navigating to the blog "Free Technology for Teachers" I came across the post about the 5 Dice app. The post described the app as a way for students to practice order of operations in math. This is the perfect program for my students because this is a topic that we are discussing right now. Students are given a number, operations, and five dice that they use to write an equation that will total the number given. Looking further into the app in the app store, I noticed that the game also allows students to play competitively and cooperatively using two devices. It also allows them to work out the problems on a whiteboard and will send results to teachers and parents. While the app may lose its appeal quickly, it makes a great review for order of operations. The blog made an excellent resource for free tech to use in the classroom.


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  1. This looks like a great app for students who struggle with math. I have a few students in my automotive class who struggle with measurements. Primarily simplifying fractions when measuring with the inches scale. They do pretty well after I explain the metric scale but this unit of measurements uses decimals. Some students definitely need help understanding the rules of operation for fractions.