Sunday, September 18, 2016


MySimpleShow can be used in the classroom for teachers to present topics or skills to learn for the week. I used it to describe a focus skill my students will have for reading. It allowed me to present in a different way than the textbook while still using the same concepts. Students could utilize MySimpleShow to summarize books that they read. Accounts are needed for the program and it is fairly easy to use. All you do is type in your content to a storyboard and allow the program to select pictures based on buzz words that it sees. If you do not agree with the program you have the opportunity to change the pictures or highlight other buzz words. The selection was pretty limited for key words I searched like "boy," which was a bit of a drawback. This program would be best for upper elementary 5-6 and the middle-high school levels. It is important to have your text that you would like to include laid out before hand because there is a lot of available space to write in. I also feel like the more general the buzz words, the easier it is for the program to find available matches as more specific topics may not have pictures available. The narration also sounds a bit robotic so you may prefer to do your own narration.

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  1. Great job with your MySimpleShow. I agree that the narration was too robotic. I had a hard time finding pictures for my presentation because of the limited selection. That is why I used my own pictures. I found that MySimpleShow was easy to use and easy to create the assignment.