Saturday, September 17, 2016

Show Everything App (Screencast)

This video was created using the Show Everything app. This app is a powerful tool for teachers and students to demonstrate content and generate engaging presentations. I think that this app would be great to use for displaying math instruction and is very easy to use for teachers looking to flip their classrooms. I plan on asking my district to place this app on all iPads within our school and having my students explain their thinking by publishing videos over specific math concepts. I could have a "director of the month" award for the student who has presented the most creative and comprehensive video presentation.


  1. Hi Ryan! Thanks for sharing this screencast. For me, I appreciate this video, especially since it explains math. For me, I am the type of learner, especially with math, where I need a little more time to process what's going on. Having the ability to pause a lesson with the press of a button, is an amazing tool. This way, I can process the information and learn at my own speed. This reminds me a lot of Khan Academy, and I so wish I would've had Khan Academy when I was in high school.

  2. Great job on your Screencast, Ryan! I also plan to use this in math class. I loved your note in your review of the idea of having students use this to create their own explanations. I think once you have modeled it many times in the classroom of your presentations, they will be naturals as creating their own. I love giving my students opportunities to 'teach' others and this would enable them to teach the whole class! Teaching others is one of the best ways to learn something.

  3. Nice job, Ryan! We use the explain everything app on our iPads and we love it! You are on your way to a flipped classroom. As you create your videos, you can make playlists for your units.